Welcome to Sante International!

    What are the Benefit's for joining in Sante Int'l?

1. Earn more than P500/day
2. Getting Healthy while making money
3. Start's your own business with a very low capital
4. ROI = 116% (Unlike other mlm's, 70%-80%)
5. We are Pioneer in this kind of Product
6. From birth to old age our market
7. We have Testimonial's in our products (It's easier to distribute our products)
8. Supported by Top earners
9. We have a Doctor in our office (Doing Life Blood Analysis, P100 only)
10. Pioneer in this kind of Binary System (LOCK-OUT) *Must see* A cure to all binary problems.
11. Simple Compensation Plan
12. You can Sell Load (AirLoad)
13. If you have earnings, The Big League will text your number of how much your earnings.
14. Get Discount on Affiliates (The Big League)
15. Get ready to be a Millionaire!

How much is the Capital? And what are the products that i will receive?